This site allows searching for a sign. The first step is to choose in a list of themes in Khmer or English (Khmer - KSL, English - KSL) and then to select the desired term. To Search a topic or a sign from the list of the topics or the terms located on the left of the screen : click on the arrow located on the right of the list of the topics or the terms then select the topic or the desired term. It is possible to type the first letters of the topic or term to accelerate the selection. Choose your language : Khmer - KSL or English - KSL or French - KSL.


Krousar Thmey


4, rue 257
Avenue Kampuchéa Krom
Phnom Penh
Tél: +855 (0) 23 88 05 03
Fax: +855 23 882 113


47, rue Greneta
75 002 Paris
Tél: +33 1 40 13 06 30

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Cambodia Sign Language Committee (CSLC)

Research: Son Thea (director) and Sous Veasna.

Production: Tan Brida et Lao Sokheta.

Drawer: Thai San, Phan Sam On and Sok Sun Heang.

Computer scientist: Choun Kunthea.

With the lovely participation of Ela Soeu and of Hang Kimchhorn (director of the school for deaf children CHBAR AMPOV, Phnom Penh).

Nicolas Anquetil (France), Em On et Khieu Chetra (Cambodia), authors of graphic and technic of this site.

The Cambodia Sign Language Committee

With the support of the IJS-92 (Institute of the Young Deaf persons of Bourg-La-Reine) :
5 rue Ravon
BP 15
92340 Bourg-La-Reine


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